What a difference a flue makes! +75%

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Re: What a difference a flue makes! +75%

Postby Ian S C » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:27 am

It has a 30 mm bore, and 20 mm stroke, it produces about 5 Watt at the crankshaft, and the best on a generator of 3 Watt.
Yes it was designed for pressurization, but I have never got round to making a seal fo the crankshaft. The plate that fits over the crankcase has a Schrader valve for charging, and a pressure gauge. The water cooling jackets have now been removed, and replaced with aluminium fins, and the steel cylinder head above the water jackets has been replaced with an aluminium one. Next thing required is new bearings at the bottom end of the con rods (in the Yoke), and I think the needle roller bearing, or maybe the crankshaft need some work done.
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